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Although it may sound like an app pirating tool, Appirator is actually an open source Objective-C class that helps developers get fair App Store reviews.  The current App Store review process only asks users if they would like to review an app when the app is deleted.  This creates an unfair bias towards negative reviews.  By inserting Appirator into their code, developers can remind frequent users to rate an app leading to more favorable reviews.  Appirator is free and easily implemented in a single line of code.

No Comments is a directory of iPhone app URLs which allow iPhone apps to interact with websites or other apps.  Check out scores of app URLs that you can use to add functionality to your app or webpage by opening apps like Google Earth, Twitterfon, Facebook, Duo, and more.  If you’re interested in enabling your own app with a custom URL scheme, check out this helpful article at

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If you can’t remember the semester of Spanish you took in middle school and you’re having trouble finding a friend that can speak 5 languages, check out the language translation service MyGengo.  Although it’s not a dedicated iPhone tool, MyGengo is actively pursuing the iPhone App localization market and can translate you application into Spanish, English, or Japanese.  (Russian and Chinese are also available, but these localizations are not available for App Store descriptions).  Even translating just your app description can open up new markets and increase sales.  There are three levels of service ranging from $0.05/word to $0.15/word and all translations are performed by people rather than computer translations like Babelfish that can end up sounding like nonsense.

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iSimulate is an iPhone app that interfaces with the iPhone simulator allowing the simulator to accept multi-touch, and accelerometer inputs from the iSimulate remote control.  Users can implement the iSimulate library into their test code and run their application on the iPhone simulator.  Then the iSimulate iPhone application acts as a remote control for multi-touch and accelerometer inputs. The remote can also act as the iPhone simulator’s GPS input and send test location points as though the device were anywhere in the world.  This is great for speedy development of applications requiring multi-touch and accelerometer inputs.  It’s even better for making quality demo videos with screen capture on the iPhone simulator as opposed to a video camera in a dark room. iSimulate is available now in The App Store. The Xcode library is available on Vimov’s website.