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Localytics is a multi-platform mobile analytics service for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.  It has all the features developers have come to expect from an analytics service including location, device type, version number, and event tracking.  A nice-looking, intuitive interface is provided to analyze data.  There are also a few features which really set Localytics apart from other analytics companies:

  • Real-Time Analytics – View and react to events as they happen.
  • Control Upload – Control when an app uploads data to the server.
  • Open Source SDK – An open source SDK gives developers the option of complete customization of analytics gathering and reporting.

Localytics is a free service.

Alternatives:  Pinch MediaMotally, Flurry

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TapMetrics may be the new gold standard for iPhone analytics services by combining near real-time iPhone analytics tracking with sales/download reports from iTunes Connect.  Developers can install the analytics package into their app and track events and geolocation in much the same way that they can using dedicated analytics services like Pinch Media or Flurry.  TapMetrics goes a step further by allowing developers to track sales data along side this analytics data in the same online service.  iTunes Connect reports can be manually uploaded, or automatically downloaded to a user’s Mac via the TapMini desktop app.  The great thing about the TapMini app is that there’s no need to store you iTunes Connect password (which can access your iTunes banking information) on a server.  The only drawback to TapMini is the information calculated using the sales reports is rather limited in comparison to a more mature service like AppFigures.  There’s currently no way to view average sales per day or app rankings.  However, TapMetrics is still in beta with a lot of room to grow, so perhaps these features will come along in the future.  TapMetrics is currently free for up to 3 apps.

Alternatives:  HeartbeatAppFigures, AppViz w/ Pinch Media, Flurry



Motally is the latest mobile analytics package for both applications and mobile websites.  The native app tracker is deployable on both iPhone and blackberry and it contains all the bells and whistles developers have come to expect from an analytics package:

  • Device and carrier tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Event tracking
  • Demographic data tracked via ‘built-in mechanisms’.

And a few features not found on other analytics packages like:

  • A two-way communication feature that lets developers make configuration changes to tracking after the app has been deployed.
  • A configurable delivery mechanism to control when and how analytics data is sent back to Motally’s servers.

Motally’s basic service is free for up to 5 million application events per month.  Beyond that, an ‘Enterprise’ plan is available for $999.95 per month.

Alternatives:  Flurry, Pinch Media, Localytics



Flurry is a free, real-time analytics solution for iPhone as well as Android, Blackberry and JavaME.  iPhone developers who integrate Flurry’s lightweight analytics SDK into their application can take advantage of detailed analytics data reported back to Flurry’s servers and presented to developers via the Flurry Dashboard:

-Custom event tracking with event paths and parameters:  Custom event tracking is one of the most powerful features of Flurry.  Not only can you track custom events, but these events can be given parameters and mapped into event paths.  This means developers can track detailed data about a user’s path through an app.  The examples given on the Flurry demo site is when tracking an event like email sign-in, a parameter would be the type of email account (gmail, yahoo, etc).  After signing-in, track how many users then go to another tracked event like compose or check inbox.

-Session Information:  Flurry tracks session information so developers can know not only how many sessions ran in a given day, but also how many users used one, two, three, or more sessions that day.  Also tracked is how long those session lasted, and where sessions are taking place.

-Location:  Apps that use GPS can take advantage of Flurry’s world wide geolocation tracking.

-Device, OS, and Carrier Type:  Using Flurry, developers can track how many users are using certain devices and which OS and carrier they’re using.  This feature is especially helpful for cross platform apps.

Flurry offers a live demo on their website where potential users can interact with the Flurry dashboard using analytics data from an example application.  Even if you choose to go with one of the alternatives, you should still check out the Flurry Blog for valuable reports on the mobile industry.

Aternatives:  Pinch Media, Motally, Localytics


Pinch Media

Pinch Media offers a free analytics package for iPhone developers.  The analytics library integrates into any iPhone app and collects anonymous usage data which is then reported back to Pinch Media’s central server and pushed on to the developer.  Using Pinch Media, developers can access powerful app user and usage information including:

-Jailbroken and Cracked Users – Pinch Media reports that some apps are cracked and downloaded illegally 20 times as often as they are purchased legitimately.  The Pinch Media analytics package allows you to track paid vs cracked users.  If you find the cracking community has cracked your app, consider a crack protection tool for your next update.

-Geographic Data – Using the GPS Core Location data, Pinch Media can track the exact location of your users.  Even if you don’t use Core Location and don’t want to prompt the user for their location, Pinch Media can still report on the countries of your users based on their IP addresses.

-Session Information – Pinch Media analytics also reports how many sessions and unique users used your app in a given day.  Also track the average session length to judge how engaging your app is.

-Custom Action/Event monitoring – Tracking events and usage data on interactions with your app is also possible.  Implement ’sub-beacons’ to monitor how many users used a certain feature or pressed a certain button.  Great information for determining users’ favorite parts of our app and planning future enhancements.

-Version Tracking – Track which users are using the latest version of your app.  Also helpful for knowing when Apple has reviewed an update to your app.

-Device and OS type – View which device/OS type your users are using.

-User Demographic (not yet released) – If your app integrates Facebook Connect, Pinch Media can report on the age and gender of your users.

Pinch Media is a comprehensive analytics package.  Best of all, it’s free and very simple to implement into any iPhone app.  One of the few drawbacks is Pinch Media doesn’t support real time data, so you have to wait a few hours for usage data to show up and up to a day for custom action/event tracking data.

Alternatives:  Flurry, Motally, Localytics