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TapJoy, the makers of TapDefense, have introduced a truly innovative iPhone and Android app monetization platform.  The platform consists of two parts.  The first, is an ad-network aggregator similar to AdWhirl (now a part of AdMob) and MobClix.  Using the TapJoy SDK, developers can sign up for multiple ad networks to guarantee maximum fill rates for ads.  TapJoy optimizes the delivery so developers can earn more money than if they integrated only a single ad network.

The second, more exciting part of the TapJoy platform is the unique virtual goods store.  Developers who integrate this part of the TapJoy platform can offer users virtual goods in exchange for downloading a free or paid app in the TapJoy network.  For each one of these downloads, the developer gets $0.25.  This is a great alternative/addition to the official in-app purchase system which has had disappointing results for some developers.

To see an example of TapJoy’s virtual goods store in action, download their free app TapDefense and tap “Add Towers and Maps”.  Notice that several of the apps are free allowing developers make money from virtual goods without actually dipping into the user’s pocket.

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Mobclix is the largest mobile ad exchange.  Rather than begin tied down to a single advertisement provider, Mobclix allows developers to integrate ads from several major mobile ad networks in order to optimize eCPM.  Their unique auction style algorithm allows advertisers to bid on mobile ad space and automatically selects the highest paying ads for the developer while guaranteeing 100% fill rates.  Integrating the Mobclix SDK also gives developers access to Mobclix’s leading analytics solution as well as social media plugins.  Other features include:

  • no minimum payment amount
  • easily add/remove ad networks remotely without having to release a new binary
  • small package size and low network usage

The MobClix SDK is free for developers to integrate.

Alternatives:  AdMob

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Advertising Solution.

Alternatives:  Mobclix

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