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Kukapp is web service that tracks the rank, downloads, and popularity ratings of iPhone apps.  Developers can upload iTunes connect reports or have Kukapp automatically retrieve the reports daily in order the track downloads.  The best part about Kukapp is that it’s tracking your app rank right now even if you don’t use the service.  When I uploaded one of my daily reports, Kukapp displayed the daily rank information of my apps back to September.  Developers can track rank, popularity rating, and downloads across multiple categories.  It also tracks key events like updated versions.  Kukapp currently doesn’t offer revenue tracking like the similar service AppFigures, but as the iTunes Connect data is already in their system it’s foreseeable that this feature could be added in the future.

Kukapp is currently a free service in beta.  There are no specific statements of plans to charge in the future, but the site does mention “We transmit all credit card and payment information to our payment provider over SSL” implying that there will be a fee for some portion of the service in the future.

Alternatives:  AppFigures

Special thanks to Walter for sending us the tip about Kukapp.

1 Comment allows anyone to track App Store rankings.  Developers can get the rankings for their own apps or check competitors.  Every app in the App Store has it’s own chart showing it’s rank since TopAppCharts began it’s service on August 1, 2009.  Mobclix has a similar service on their website, but seems to track paid and free app charts, whereas MobClix only tracks overall charts in each category.  TopAppCharts is free for anyone to use.

Alternatives:  Mobclix



AppFigures is an online profit & download tracker for developers.  The service features automatic syncing to your iTunes Connect account, which means no more downloading reports every morning.  The reports are auto-downloaded and stored on the AppFigures database so you can download them later if you need to.  You can also get these reports auto-emailed straight to your inbox.

The AppFigures online interface is very versatile.  Track any number of apps over any time period while viewing the total profit and number of downloads.  AppFigures will even calculate your expected income for the month for easy comparison to Apple’s official report.

Other features include:

-Rank tracking

- Worldwide review tracking with automatic translation

- Track profit & downloads by country and region

AppFigures is free with the full feature set for 14 days.  Developers can track up to 5 apps with limited features without paying.  For the full featured version of AppFigures you’re looking to shell out $4.99/ month for 2 apps and $1.49 for each additional app.

Alternatives:  AppViz, My App Sales, TapMetrics, Heartbeat, Kukapp



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