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Motally is the latest mobile analytics package for both applications and mobile websites.  The native app tracker is deployable on both iPhone and blackberry and it contains all the bells and whistles developers have come to expect from an analytics package:

  • Device and carrier tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Event tracking
  • Demographic data tracked via ‘built-in mechanisms’.

And a few features not found on other analytics packages like:

  • A two-way communication feature that lets developers make configuration changes to tracking after the app has been deployed.
  • A configurable delivery mechanism to control when and how analytics data is sent back to Motally’s servers.

Motally’s basic service is free for up to 5 million application events per month.  Beyond that, an ‘Enterprise’ plan is available for $999.95 per month.

Alternatives:  Flurry, Pinch Media, Localytics

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