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TapMetrics may be the new gold standard for iPhone analytics services by combining near real-time iPhone analytics tracking with sales/download reports from iTunes Connect.  Developers can install the analytics package into their app and track events and geolocation in much the same way that they can using dedicated analytics services like Pinch Media or Flurry.  TapMetrics goes a step further by allowing developers to track sales data along side this analytics data in the same online service.  iTunes Connect reports can be manually uploaded, or automatically downloaded to a user’s Mac via the TapMini desktop app.  The great thing about the TapMini app is that there’s no need to store you iTunes Connect password (which can access your iTunes banking information) on a server.  The only drawback to TapMini is the information calculated using the sales reports is rather limited in comparison to a more mature service like AppFigures.  There’s currently no way to view average sales per day or app rankings.  However, TapMetrics is still in beta with a lot of room to grow, so perhaps these features will come along in the future.  TapMetrics is currently free for up to 3 apps.

Alternatives:  HeartbeatAppFigures, AppViz w/ Pinch Media, Flurry

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