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Z2Live claims to be the first multiplayer gaming platform for iPhone.  The service enables developers to create multiplayer gaming networks over the web without having to code or maintain their own servers.  Built-in support for push notifications allows users to send game invites to friends who aren’t currently playing the game.  In-app purchase support lets developers easily create subscription-based revenue models for the multiplayer service.  There are plenty of other social networking features like voice chat, leaderboards, and achievements.  An integrated analytics solution is also slated for later this year.  Currently developers who want to include multi-player gaming, analytics, and social networking features would have to integrate at least three different SDKs from three different services to get all the features of Z2Live making Z2Live an indespensible tool for mobile game developers.  Watch the video below to see some of the multiplayer gaming features of Z2Live. The demo game Showdown Poker is available now in The App Store.  Z2Live is currently accepting developers who agree to work with them under their NDA.

Alternatives:  ByteClub

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