medicine for hair growth allows anyone to track App Store rankings.  Developers can get the rankings for their own apps or check competitors.  Every app in the App Store has it’s own chart showing it’s rank since TopAppCharts began it’s service on August 1, 2009.  Mobclix has a similar service on their website, but seems to track paid and free app charts, whereas MobClix only tracks overall charts in each category.  TopAppCharts is free for anyone to use.

Alternatives:  Mobclix

  1. #1 by Walter on October 19th, 2009

    TopAppCharts is cool! But it seems to check current rankings but not to record my app’s history.
    BTW, I just found a more comprehensive tool. It’s also free to anybody. You may check it out.

  2. #2 by admin on October 20th, 2009

    Thanks for the tip Walter. I’ll write up a post about kukapp

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