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iTGB is a 2D game engine from industry veterans GarageGames which brings the capabilities Torque Game Builder (TGB) to the iPhone platform.  TGB is a powerful and easy-to-use engine featuring:

  • Support for a wide range of platforms including Xbox 360 and Wii, which is great if you plan to port your games to another system.
  • A GUI level editor
  • Physics engine
  • Audio support

Using iTGB, iPhone Games can be prototyped in TGB on Mac or PC using the Level Editor and TorqueScript C++ like scripting language and then optimized for deployment on the iPhone.  Along with the complete features and toolchain of TGB, iTGB gives developers:

  • WYSIWYG 2D editor at iPhone screen resolution
  • Powerful scripting language with thorough optimizations for rapid script execution
  • Multitouch and accelerometer input support
  • Touch screen gesture recognition
  • PowerVR Texture Compression
  • Full source included to integrate any other commercial middleware

There are also several add-on kits for the TGB level editor that can help speed up the development process.  iTGB is available for $500 and it requires TGB Pro ($250).  Note that while games can be developed on the PC, they cannot be deployed to the iPhone without a Mac.

Alternatives:  Unity

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