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Flurry is a free, real-time analytics solution for iPhone as well as Android, Blackberry and JavaME.  iPhone developers who integrate Flurry’s lightweight analytics SDK into their application can take advantage of detailed analytics data reported back to Flurry’s servers and presented to developers via the Flurry Dashboard:

-Custom event tracking with event paths and parameters:  Custom event tracking is one of the most powerful features of Flurry.  Not only can you track custom events, but these events can be given parameters and mapped into event paths.  This means developers can track detailed data about a user’s path through an app.  The examples given on the Flurry demo site is when tracking an event like email sign-in, a parameter would be the type of email account (gmail, yahoo, etc).  After signing-in, track how many users then go to another tracked event like compose or check inbox.

-Session Information:  Flurry tracks session information so developers can know not only how many sessions ran in a given day, but also how many users used one, two, three, or more sessions that day.  Also tracked is how long those session lasted, and where sessions are taking place.

-Location:  Apps that use GPS can take advantage of Flurry’s world wide geolocation tracking.

-Device, OS, and Carrier Type:  Using Flurry, developers can track how many users are using certain devices and which OS and carrier they’re using.  This feature is especially helpful for cross platform apps.

Flurry offers a live demo on their website where potential users can interact with the Flurry dashboard using analytics data from an example application.  Even if you choose to go with one of the alternatives, you should still check out the Flurry Blog for valuable reports on the mobile industry.

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