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Pinch Media

Pinch Media offers a free analytics package for iPhone developers.  The analytics library integrates into any iPhone app and collects anonymous usage data which is then reported back to Pinch Media’s central server and pushed on to the developer.  Using Pinch Media, developers can access powerful app user and usage information including:

-Jailbroken and Cracked Users – Pinch Media reports that some apps are cracked and downloaded illegally 20 times as often as they are purchased legitimately.  The Pinch Media analytics package allows you to track paid vs cracked users.  If you find the cracking community has cracked your app, consider a crack protection tool for your next update.

-Geographic Data – Using the GPS Core Location data, Pinch Media can track the exact location of your users.  Even if you don’t use Core Location and don’t want to prompt the user for their location, Pinch Media can still report on the countries of your users based on their IP addresses.

-Session Information – Pinch Media analytics also reports how many sessions and unique users used your app in a given day.  Also track the average session length to judge how engaging your app is.

-Custom Action/Event monitoring – Tracking events and usage data on interactions with your app is also possible.  Implement ’sub-beacons’ to monitor how many users used a certain feature or pressed a certain button.  Great information for determining users’ favorite parts of our app and planning future enhancements.

-Version Tracking – Track which users are using the latest version of your app.  Also helpful for knowing when Apple has reviewed an update to your app.

-Device and OS type – View which device/OS type your users are using.

-User Demographic (not yet released) – If your app integrates Facebook Connect, Pinch Media can report on the age and gender of your users.

Pinch Media is a comprehensive analytics package.  Best of all, it’s free and very simple to implement into any iPhone app.  One of the few drawbacks is Pinch Media doesn’t support real time data, so you have to wait a few hours for usage data to show up and up to a day for custom action/event tracking data.

Alternatives:  Flurry, Motally, Localytics

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