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iLime offers Push Notification and In-App Purchase support through a RESTful API without having to code low level socket connections or host content on your own servers.

iLime:Push is a highly-scalable solution designed to simplify the integration with Apple’s Push Notification service through a series of REST APIs and a web-based administration console. iLime’s elastic cloud infrastructure allows you to keep hosting and development costs low, scaling seamlessly as their applications grow in popularity, maximizing profit and minimizing time-consuming management of hosted servers.

iLime:Purchase allows you to easily host content your users can purchase directly from their iPhones, without the headache of coding and hosting your own application for serving content.  iLime:Push is available as a pay-as-you-go service.

iLime Push is free for up to 25,000 messages per month.  50,000 messages will cost $12.50 and the price goes up from there with savings on cost per message at each price tier.

iLime:Purchase charges a one-time flat fee of $0.10 per in app purchase regardless of the price developers actually charge for in-app material.  Whether the in-app material costs $0.99, $1.99, or higher, the cost remains $0.10.

Alternatives:  Urban Airship

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