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ScoreLoop is another social networking solution for games.  It arms games with global high score tables, facebook integration, custom avatars, and player challenges.  ScoreLoop is a free tool for developers and they promise to never employ ads.  So how do they make money?  Through their own currency they call ‘coins’.  Players can put ‘coins’ on the line in challenges against other players and win coins in these challenges.  Players can also earn coins buy downloading certain games or buying them with real money.  So is ScoreLoop effectively turning iPhone gaming into a giant casino?  Not exactly.  Since players can’t ‘cash-out’ their coins, it’s not restricted like online casinos are.

ScoreLoop takes ten lines of code and a couple hours to integrate.  On par with the rest of the social networking solutions.  To see ScoreLoop in action, check out their game Bug Landing available for Free in the App Store.  It’s not a particularly fun game.  (It’s actually just Apple’s Crash Landing sample code with new graphics.)  But it does fulfill its purpose of giving the full ScoreLoop Experience.

Alternatives:  Agon, Geocade, OpenFeint

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