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AppViz v1.7 released today

It’s always good to use a tool that’s being actively developed.  AppViz, a great native Mac OSX profit/download tracker, released v1.7 today.  The update includes:

  • Snow Leopard support
  • Multiple account support
  • Ranking download and Applyzer integration
  • Financial region support

There’s a whole lot more.  Check out the release notes for more info.

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Heartbeat is an online sales/download tracker and analytics solution.  iTunes Connect daily data reports are tedious to manually download and organize even with a spreadsheet tool.  Hearbeat is the complete solution for analyzing meaningful app sales data at a glance.  Using Heart beat, developers can see sales data, download trends, and balances for each currency.  There is plenty of non-sales related data as well including a crash report tool, application analytics, and even piracy detection.  Altogether, Heartbeat is one of the most complete sales data solutions available, but it’s also one of the most expensive.  Plans at $10/month for two apps on up to $80/month for 20 apps.  Developers can try Heartbeat for free for 30 days.

Alternatives:  AppVizAppFiguresMy App Sales, Appstatz



Appstatz is an online profit and download tracker developed by CrimsonJet LLC, makers of the popular iPhone app, Drum Kit.  With Appstatz, developers can upload iTunes Connect reports and view data in one of 48 different graphs.  Appstatz currently doesn’t support automatic iTunes Connect report downloading like their competitors, but the service is currently in private beta and more features could be introduced in the future.

Alternatives:  AppVizAppFiguresMy App Sales, Heartbeat

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Mobclix is the largest mobile ad exchange.  Rather than begin tied down to a single advertisement provider, Mobclix allows developers to integrate ads from several major mobile ad networks in order to optimize eCPM.  Their unique auction style algorithm allows advertisers to bid on mobile ad space and automatically selects the highest paying ads for the developer while guaranteeing 100% fill rates.  Integrating the Mobclix SDK also gives developers access to Mobclix’s leading analytics solution as well as social media plugins.  Other features include:

  • no minimum payment amount
  • easily add/remove ad networks remotely without having to release a new binary
  • small package size and low network usage

The MobClix SDK is free for developers to integrate.

Alternatives:  AdMob

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Objective Resource

Objective Resource is an easy-to-deploy framework that allows an iPhone app to be easily synchronized with data from a Ruby on Rails application.  It allows developers to serialize objects and pass them to or retrieve them from a Ruby on Rails app with simple one-line commands from the Objective Resource Objective-C library.  Check out their 6-minute screen cast to see what Objective Resource can do for your app.

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99Designs is another service that can loosely be considered an iPhone Dev Tool. 99Designs is a place for people or companies to hold graphic design ‘contests’ for their projects. The contest holder puts up a certain sum of money (starting at $100) along with their design specification and graphic designers from all over the world submit entries. The 99Designs community is large. Expect over 50 entries for a well-run app design contest with a good prize.   Following the contest close, contest holders get their choice of designs as opposed to working with just a single graphic designer.  The contests are also a great way to help form relationships with graphic designers to work with in the future.

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Z2Live claims to be the first multiplayer gaming platform for iPhone.  The service enables developers to create multiplayer gaming networks over the web without having to code or maintain their own servers.  Built-in support for push notifications allows users to send game invites to friends who aren’t currently playing the game.  In-app purchase support lets developers easily create subscription-based revenue models for the multiplayer service.  There are plenty of other social networking features like voice chat, leaderboards, and achievements.  An integrated analytics solution is also slated for later this year.  Currently developers who want to include multi-player gaming, analytics, and social networking features would have to integrate at least three different SDKs from three different services to get all the features of Z2Live making Z2Live an indespensible tool for mobile game developers.  Watch the video below to see some of the multiplayer gaming features of Z2Live. The demo game Showdown Poker is available now in The App Store.  Z2Live is currently accepting developers who agree to work with them under their NDA.

Alternatives:  ByteClub

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If you can’t remember the semester of Spanish you took in middle school and you’re having trouble finding a friend that can speak 5 languages, check out the language translation service MyGengo.  Although it’s not a dedicated iPhone tool, MyGengo is actively pursuing the iPhone App localization market and can translate you application into Spanish, English, or Japanese.  (Russian and Chinese are also available, but these localizations are not available for App Store descriptions).  Even translating just your app description can open up new markets and increase sales.  There are three levels of service ranging from $0.05/word to $0.15/word and all translations are performed by people rather than computer translations like Babelfish that can end up sounding like nonsense.

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TapMetrics may be the new gold standard for iPhone analytics services by combining near real-time iPhone analytics tracking with sales/download reports from iTunes Connect.  Developers can install the analytics package into their app and track events and geolocation in much the same way that they can using dedicated analytics services like Pinch Media or Flurry.  TapMetrics goes a step further by allowing developers to track sales data along side this analytics data in the same online service.  iTunes Connect reports can be manually uploaded, or automatically downloaded to a user’s Mac via the TapMini desktop app.  The great thing about the TapMini app is that there’s no need to store you iTunes Connect password (which can access your iTunes banking information) on a server.  The only drawback to TapMini is the information calculated using the sales reports is rather limited in comparison to a more mature service like AppFigures.  There’s currently no way to view average sales per day or app rankings.  However, TapMetrics is still in beta with a lot of room to grow, so perhaps these features will come along in the future.  TapMetrics is currently free for up to 3 apps.

Alternatives:  HeartbeatAppFigures, AppViz w/ Pinch Media, Flurry


ByteClub Platform

ByteClub recently released their multiplayer gaming platform.  It goes way beyond other social gaming high score keepers by allowing developers to create actual in-game 2-player interaction without having to touch server side code.  The platform is built on Amazon EC2 services to meet the needs of even the most demanding apps.  It’s also highly customizable allowing developers to plugin their own external game logic.  Developers can have the ByteClub library running in their game in around ten minutes.  ByteClub’s platform is based on their game Scramboni. Check it out in The App Store to experience what the ByteClub platform is capable of.

The details of ByteClub’s pricing plan haven’t been fully revealed, but they plan to charge a per download fee of a few cents for paid apps.

Alternatives:  Z2Live

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